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GB contributions to IODP

GB Research Projects within DFG Priority Programm 527 (IODP)

Title PI Funding Period
Molecular life signatures and transformations of organic material near the temperature limit of life; IOPD Exp. 370 F. Schubotz 2018 - ...


Complete projects

Title PI Funding Period
On the influence of geothermal temperature rise on the molecular composition of dissolved organic material and life in the deep biosphere off Muroto, Nankai Trough (IODP Expedition 370) (more) V. Heuer 2017 - 2019
Petrological and textural studies of ultramafic clasts in serpentine mud volcanoes in the Mariana Arc (IODP Expedition 366): Development of water-rock interactions from the décollement to the sea floor with special emphasis on hydrogen genesis (more) W. Bach 2016 - 2019
Endospores in the deep marine biosphere: distribution, frequency and function (more) K.-U. Hinrichs 2015 - 2019
Alteration of basalt glass from the North Pond area, Mid-Atlantic Ridge 22°46'N, 46°05'W, Expedition 336 (more) W. Bach 2012 - 2016
Molecular isotopic investigation of microbiological processes and organic material in the deep marine biosphere of the Shimokita coal seam (IODP Exp. 337) (more) K.-U. Hinrichs 2012 - 2016
Rock alteration and vein formation in the Louisville Seamount chain - consequences for the exchange budget between oceanic crust and seawater (more) W. Bach 2011 - 2017
Cell wall components, membrane lipids, and microbial communities in the deep subsurface at Canterbury Basin and Peru Margin (ODP Leg 201 and IODP Expedition 317) (more) K.-U. Hinrichs 2009- 2011
Molecular-isotopic studies of carbon turnover and microbial processes in an active subduction zone (Nan TroSEIZE) (more) K.-U. Hinrichs 2008 - 2013
The geochemical and isotopic (Li, B, Sr, O, C) compositions of veins from altered oceanic lithosphere at Atlantis Massif: Implications for interactions with seawater (more) W. Bach 2006 - 2009
Molecular-isotopic studies of subsurface carbon turnover in hydrate-bearing sediments at the Cascadia Margin (IODP Expedition 311) (more) K.-U. Hinrichs 2006 - 2009
Active biomass in the marine subsurface tracked by intact polar membrane lipids (more) K.-U. Hinrichs 2004 - 2007


Further Activities

2016 V. Heuer was Co-chief sci­en­tist du­ring IODP Exp. 370 'Tem­pe­ra­tu­re Li­mit of the Deep Bio­s­phe­re off Mu­ro­to (T-Li­mit)' with D/​V CHI­KYU
2012 K.-U. Hinrichs was Co-chief sci­en­tist du­ring IODP Exp. 337 'Deep Coalbed Biosphere off Shimokita' with D/​V CHI­KYU