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Projects in Research Area GB

Major projects like Collaborative Reserach Centres or ERC Grants.

Information on individual research projects can be found under the respective responsible working groups or in the table below.


Cluster of Ex­cel­lence

›The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Un­charted In­ter­face‹

Variations in upwelling intensity and sedimentation regime off Namibia

Subproject within the collaborative BMBF project EVAR

Impacts of multiple stressors and tipping points on Atlantic ecosystems

Contribution to the EU research programme iAtlantic


Alternate scenarios, innovative technologies, and monitoring approaches for sub-seabed storage of CO2

Additional, individual research projects

Title Funding Organization Principle Investigator Funding Period
Serpentinite mud volcanoes DFG Wolfgang Bach 2022 - 2024
RETAKE BMBF Wolfgang Bach 2021 - 2024
AIMS3 - AP2 BMBF Wolfgang Bach 2021 - 2024
AIMS3 - AP2-4 BMBF Matthias Zabel 2021 - 2024