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PhD Theses

  • Kürzinger, Victoria (2022) The Kemp Caldera hydrothermal system, Scotia Sea – Morphological, mineralogical and geochemical characteristics, 118 Seiten/pages.
  • Tseng, Yiting (2022) Authigenic carbonates of the South China Sea - Archives for geochemical cycling and geodynamic activity, 157 Seiten/pages.
  • Hsu, Chieh-Wei (2019) Hydrocarbon Seepage at Campeche-Sigsbee Salt Province,
    Southern Gulf of Mexico, 130 Seiten/pages.
  • Loher, Markus (2017) Mud volcanism and fluid seepage at Venere mud volcano in the Calabrian Accretionary Prism (Central Mediterranean), 212 Seiten/pages.
  • Geprägs, Patrizia (2016) Methane Environment around Cold Seeps - Examples from Antarctica and the Mediterranean, 142 Seiten/pages.
  • Wu, Tingting (2015) Activity, Mud Migration, and Formation Mechanisms of Helgoland and Dvurechenskii Mud Volcanoes, Black Sea, 144 Seiten/pages.
  • Suresh, Gopika (2015) Offshore oil seepage visible from space: A Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) based automatic detection, mapping and quantification system, 155 Seiten/pages.
  • Wei, Jiangong (2014) Distribution and characteristics of gas hydrates in shallow sediments of pockparks and seepage sites, 119 Seiten/pages.
  • Liu, Xiting (2014) Sediment Dynamics off the East African Continental Margin during the Last Deglaciation and the Holocene: Constrained by Changes in Climate and Sea-level, 149 Seiten/pages.
  • Tomczyk, Michal (2013) Quantification of gas emissions from the seafloor using hydroacoustic techniques, 132 Seiten/pages.
  • Marcon, Yann (2013) Seabed fluid flow-related processes - evidence and quantification based on high-resolution imaging techniques and GIS analyses, 155 Seiten/pages.
  • Körber, Jan-Hendrik (2012) Remote sensing and GIS-based analysis of hydrocarbon seeps: Detection, mapping and quantification, 143 Seiten/pages.
  • Brüning, Markus (2012) Acoustic and visual imaging of active seafloor seepage in various deep-sea environments, 152 Seiten/pages.
  • Fischer, David (2012) Transport and (bio)geochemical processes at cold seeps of the Makran convergent margin, 147 Seiten/pages.
  • Römer, Miriam (2011) Gas bubble emissions at continental margins - Detection, mapping and quantification, 160 Seiten/pages.
  • Himmler, Tobias (2011) Signatures of geochemical changes at methane-seeps as recorded by seep carbonates, 97 Seiten/pages.
  • Klapp. Stephan A. (2009) Natural gas hydrate - from the microstructure towards a geological understanding, 153 Seiten/pages.
  • Haas, Antonie (2008) Carbonate authogenesis and tube worm mineralization - biogeochemical and geobiological processes at methane seeps on the Congo deep-sea fan, 88 Seiten/pages.