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ArcTrain summer school


Video by Charles Brunette

D. Murashkin

Annual meeting 5.-12. September 2016 in Banff, Canada
Having only recently been accepted as associated ArcTrain PhDs, this meeting was our first opportunity to meet German and Canadian fellow PhDs and PIs. We were welcomed very
openly and friendly. It was very interesting to see the vast amount of disciplines which are represented in ArcTrain. Our research will doubtlessly benefit from the insights we got here. Besides networking, the meeting was focused on the local social and economic impact of the ongoing changes in the Arctic. Knowing little about this topic, it was interesting to see things from a different perspective.

R. Jackson

ArcTrain Retreat 1.-3. June 2016 in Hodorf near Itzehoe
this years retreat will take place at the Seminarium Peterhof in Hodorf, near Itzehoe and is being planned in close cooperation with the Helmholtz Research School for Ocean System Science and Technology (HOSST)

C. Le Duc

Annual meeting 2.-4. September 2015 in Montreal, Kanada
The second Annual Meeting assembling the ArcTrain project members from Germany and Canada took place at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in Canada. This meeting followed the ArcTrain Summer School 2015 in Labrador. The meeting was preceded by a series of lectures: "On the reality of the North".

C. Le Duc
ArcTrain Summer school 20.-29. August 2015
The ´Reality of the North´ was the theme of the ArcTrain Summer School 2015. Students embarked on a trip to a remote area of Northern Labrador. In the Torngat Mountains they became acquainted with the sub-Artic landscape and some of the native communities who live there. Back in Montreal, a series of public lectures covering topics from Arctic literature through to geopolitics enlightened us all to the realities of the North outside of our usual science.
V. Kirillova
Retreat 19.–22. May 2015 St. Andreasberg in the Harz area
the second retreat was arranged by the PhDs themselves. The retreat's central theme was science communication. Guest lecturers from the world of press and media were invited to present their views and insights and challenge the PhDs with exciting tasks to gain and practice diverse communication skills. A course on self-managment gave valuable insights. The outdoor and teambuildung activities in the rope garden provided a envigorating contrast.
R. Scarlat
ArcTrain workshop 2 March 2015 in Bremen
for this one day workshop on Family and Career in science, Dr. Maren Walter invited three guest scientists who gave exciting insights into their scientific career paths whilst reconciling choices and decisions at various points in their lives with their family lifes.
Issues such as work schedules, flexibility, part time work, policies of funding, leadership and family, role models were lively discussed during this workshop and provided helpful insights to both male and female PhD students.
Amongst the guests were: Dr. Vera Schlindwein from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven who is Head of the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group and Dr. Solveig Bühring who is head of the Emmy Noether Junior Research Group at the Marum.
V. Kirillova
Retreat 25.3-27.3.2014 in Hude
For our first retreat all the PhDs and several of the PI-s went together to Hude for scientific training and diverse group activities.
V. Diekamp
Annual meeting 5.-14. May 2014 in Bremen
The first Annual Meeting assembled the whole group of the ArcTrain project from Canada and Germany at the Marum in Bremen. The meeting was followed up by a Climate Processes and Methods Primer Course for PhD and master students.
J. Köhler
Kick-off Meeting 16. December 2013 AWI Bremerhaven
The kick-off meeting marked the official start of the german part of the International Graduate School ArcTrain.