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Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions

With the advent of life on Earth about 3,5 billion years ago a new chapter in the history of our planet began. Ever since, interactions between the ocean’s geosphere and biosphere have played a key role in the evolution of Earth.

In research area "Geo-biosphere interactions" (GB), scientists from different research facilities are working on an integrative understanding of the coupling of geological processes and organisms in the marine realm. Our overarching goal is to decipher ans quantify these complex interrelations in different environmental settings, from the upper water column to the ocean floor interface, down to the deepest, previously drilled sediments and crustal rocks. To achieve these research objectives, we are developing new technical instruments and analytical procedures for in-situ use on the seabed and in the water column, as well as for carrying out innovative laboratory experiments. In a large number of projects, international cooperation with the world's leading partner institutions exists. Regular expeditions with research vessels and participation in international drilling projects are another key focus of the work in the research area GB.