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MARUM - The ocean in depth!

Royals meet early career scientists

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge have met early career scientists and caught up on excellent German marine research at the International Maritime ...


Latif and Rhein present report

There are many speculations about the Gulf Stream. But what do scientists know? A brochure, published by the German Climate Consortium and the German ...


Pockmark fields off Helgoland

Within a period of a few months thousands of craters formed on the sea bed off the North Sea island of Helgoland. Gas escaping out of the sea floor ...


Understanding "slow-slip" earthquakes

Recent borehole observatory installations offshore Japan unravel how much energy is released in slow slip earthquakes, as recently published in Science by ...


How climate changes rapidly at tipping points

During the last glacial period, the influence of atmospheric CO2 on the North Atlantic Current caused a temperature increase of up to 10 degrees Celsius in ...


From seafloor to summit

The international conference GeoBremen 2017 will take place at the University of Bremen from 24 to 29 September 2017 as a joint meeting of the DGGV and the DMG.



Haus der Wis­sen­schaft, Bremen

100 m² of Sea


On May 23 the Bremen House of Science opened the exhibition “100 m2 of Sea.” Ten research institutes from Bremerhaven and Bremen invite visitors to join in ...

Tempelhofer Hafen, Berlin

MeerErleben on the road again


Since 2009 the MARUM trav­el­ling ex­hib­i­tion ›Meer­Er­leben‹ has been presen­tend in 45 shop­ping malls. In 2017 it will be presen­ted in two more malls.


Featured Video: Un­ra­ve­ling the life of a core

Partner in the Science Year 2016*17

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