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MARUM – The ocean in depth!

Assessing mpacts of Nodule Mining on the Deep-Sea Environment

European Consortium accompanies and monitors first in situ test of a pre-prototype collector vehicle in the Pacific.


MARUM Research Award for Marine Science

Mattia Greco has received the MARUM Research Award 2020 for his outstanding dissertation. He will present his work during the Research Seminar on June 28.


In the deep sea, the last ice age is not yet over

Through the deepest deployment of a MARUM MeBo200 temperature lance to date, researchers from MARUM and GEOMAR have made surprising discoveries.


Tracking past earthquakes

IODP Expedition 386 focuses on the record of giant earthquakes of the past preserved in deep marine sediments along the Japan trench.


New SLATE talk series

In the context of the international training network SLATE  researchers and guests will present their topics in a lecture series every other week.


Research Seminar

In the research seminar, scientists working with colleagues from MARUM present their new research topics and innovative research approaches.


Dates & Events

via Zoom, Apr 12, 2021, 1:15 pm

Not easy to digest – sugar carbon sinks in the ocean

MARUM Research Seminar

Prof. Dr. Jan-Hendrik Hehemann

MARUM I, room 2070, May 17, 2021, 1:15 pm

What con­trols fast ver­sus slow slip in sub­duc­tion mar­gins? Les­sons from the Hi­kur­an­gi mar­gin, New Ze­a­land

MARUM Research Seminar

Dr. Åke Fa­gereng


Expedition SO273 "Marion Rise"

The video material shown here was recorded with the ROV MARUM-QUEST in the Indian Ocean during the expedition SO273 “Marion Rise”.

The Project "Marion Rise" is an international cooperation between Germany, USA, and China. The expedition was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany) and the National Science Foundation (USA).

The cruise SO273 was abandoned after 10 days station work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Center for Deep-Sea Research (ZfT)

Our colleague Volker Diekamp continuously documents the construction progress of the Center for Deep-Sea Research (ZfT) with his camera.