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MARUM – The ocean in depth!

MARUM celebrates 25th anniversary of core repository with symposium

Bremen has become an integral part of the research map of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP). The Hanseatic city is in line with College ...


Strong cooperation between Bremen and the Netherlands

Researchers from Bremen and the Netherlands have strengthened their cooperation in coastal, marine and polar research.


Early rise of animals questioned by discovery on sponge biomarkers

Sponges developed later than originally thought. This is the result of a new publication in Nature Ecology & Evolution in which MARUM researchers were ...


Science in a pub

Monster waves, microorganisms in space, and beer: scientists from research institutes in Bremen und Bremerhaven bring their research to pubs. It starts on ...


Endospores Rival Growing Cells in Ocean Sediments

A survey of ocean sediments from around the world finds that dormant bacterial endospores are about as common as slow-growing cells, and make up a ...


Effects of melt from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets

An international research team involving MARUM has incorporated ice-sheet discharge into climate models. The results have now been published in Nature.




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