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Activities in TRACES


Mai 2019 

The first TRACES-Germany Meeting takes places in Greifwald on May 21st and May 22nd! Initial results are shared and compared and the next steps forward are planned.....


April 2019 

new TRACES PhD working on pollen in SP3 with Frank Neumann and Marion Bamford! Angela Effiom is currently running her PhD in Palaeontology at the Evolutionary Studies Institute (ESI), University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Her research interests focus primarily on the reconstruction of past vegetation and inference of past climate using pollen grains and spores. Another research field is the application of pollen morphology, spore morphology and foliar epidermal anatomy in plant taxonomy.


March 2019 

initial radiocarbon dates are finally available so that preliminary age-models for the sediment archives may be developped!

Winter 2019 

our labs are processing the huge samples sets obtained during our 2018 field campaigns.  

3.-7. Dec 2018 

3 TRACES members (2 German, 1 South African) participate in the SPACES kick off meeting and adjoining Conference on Global Change in Polokwane, South Africa (link)

Nov/Dec 2018

Fieldwork in the Mkuze River catchment and mouth involving project partners from the universities of Johannesburg (3), Bremen (4) and Greifswald (2).

September 2018

The University of Greifswald undertakes a sampling campaign of the upper Mkuze River catchment.

August 2018

The seismic surveying (Andy Green, University of Durban) and surface sampling of Richards Bay (Peter Frenzel and Torsten Haberzettl; Universities of Greifswald and Jena) is completed during a first field campaign. 

Summer 2018

Julia Gensel, Olga Gildeeva and Paul Mehlhorn start their PhD contracts in 3 different TRACES sub-projects.

July 2018

Start of the TRACES project! Start of fieldwork planinng and launching of the new TRACES website.