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Completed Projects (from 2005)

Project   Name Period Funding €

Tracing Human and Climate Impacts in South Africa

RAiN II (SP4+5)  BMBF Regional Archives for Integrated Investigations II  2016-2018  238.000
EXC GB1 DFG Particle flux, carbon turnover and nutrient regeneration  2012-2017  431.000
EXC CCP3 DFG The role of deep sub-seafloor biosphere for carbon cycle and climate  2012-2017  243.000
Ma-RAiN BMBF Ausbildungs-und Forschungsfahrt  2015-2016   72.000
RAiN (SP4+5)  BMBF Regional Archives for Integrated Investigations  2013-2016  432.000
RAiN BMBF Instrument aqcuisition      2014      187.000
RCOM GB2 DFG N/P/Fe-biogeochemistry in benthic boundary layer and surface sediments  2009-2013  236.000
EuroMARC  ESF CHECREEF  2009-2013  
EXC F2 DFG Geofuel inventory and utilization  2007-2011  345.000
RCOM E3 DFG Quantification of emissions of fluids and gas at cold seeps  2005-2009  290.000
ZA199/3-1 DFG Coordination M76  2008-2009   75.000
RCOM B2 DFG Simulation of biogeochemical processes in marine surface sediments  2005-2009  360.000
RCOM UP DFG Unforeseen Projects (ISPs)  2006-2007   77.000
ZA199/2-1 DFG Balancing of the benthic carbon cycle  2005-2007  127.000