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Student theses

I often supervise or co-supervise student theses. In case of interest, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bachelor theses (all University of Bremen)

Laura Kattein (Tracing permafrost input into the Laptev Sea by compound specific analyses of n-alkanoic acids), 2018

Lukas Mühlena (Differences observed in the stable isotopic composition of tetraether-based archaeal lipids from sediments of the Mediterranean and Black Sea), 2017

Dan Frederik Lange (Vergleich von lipidischen SST-Proxies in Partikel- und Sedimentproben in Abhängigkeit von der Wassertiefe am Kontinentalrand vor Nordwest-Iberien), 2016

Luca Niklas Bodenstab (Saisonale Variationen der Biomarker-Verteilung in partikulärem suspendiertem Material der Lena), 2015

Oliver Helten (Klima- und Vegetationssignale an Lipidbiomarkern im Mudbelt vor der Westküste Südafrikas), 2015

Tim Stoltmann (Analysis of lipid biomarkers in sediments of IODP site 323 Bering Sea), 2012

Master theses

Pushpak Martin John Nadar (Hydrology of the Gulf of Sirte during Sapropel: A comparative study of cores proximal to Lybian Rivers and the Nile), ongoing

Abdullah Saeed Khan (Climatic and human triggers of carbon export from the Mkhuze swamps, South Africa), 2022

Tarryn Frankland (Sediment dynamics and provenance of hydrologic and vegetation signals of the Umzimvubu catchment, eastern Cape, South Africa), University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2020

Niclas Rieger (Climate Variability During the Holocene Based on Changes in the Hydrological Cycle in the Northern Arabian Sea), Environmental Physics, University of Bremen, 2019

Torsten Riedel (Assessing permafrost erosion in the Canadian Beaufort Sea, Herschel Island – a biomarker approach), 2017

Robyn Granger (Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of late Holocene climate dynamics in Southwest Africa using a multi-proxy characterization of Namaqualand mudbelt sediments), University of Cape Town, 2016

Nina Davtian (Evaluation of modern n-alkane distributions and compound-specific isotope signals in the Wilderness lake system (Western Cape, South Africa) for paleo-vegetation and paleo-hydrologic reconstruction), Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, 2014

Martin Kugel (Holocene variations in elemental and organic compositions of coastal sediments off South Africa and its implications), 2014

Christian Lippstreu (Precipitation and Salinity Changes in the Northern Red Sea during the Late Quaternary), 2012

Vera Meyer (Reconstruction of paleo-vegetation, humidity, air temperature, sea-surface temperature and terrigenious input from Bengal Fan sediments over the last deglaciation), 2012