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We study mineral-fluid interaction with a focus on growth, dissolution, and alteration kinetics. This research relates to diverse fields in earth sciences, from basin evolution to biogeochemical cycling. Broader applications include cement hydration, carbon sequestration, engineered bio- and nano-materials, and storage of nuclear waste.
complex pore topography in a sedimentary rock


bacteria govern the reduction of graphene oxide
We are interested in all materials that interact in surface environments, including primary minerals, dissolved and colloidal species, organic matter, and microorganisms.


Our work includes various experimental techniques using Vertical Scanning Interferometry, Electron and Atomic Force Microscopy and modelling techniques like Monte Carlo and ab initio methods. This approach opens up a new field of study on the surface dynamics on minerals, glasses and metals and their role in water/rock interactions. The possibility of direct measurements of dissolution/ precipitation rates at specific locations on the mineral surface provides a better understanding of reactive surface area. The determination of reactive surface area is known to be a central problem in fluid/solid interactions. Quantitative kinetic rate data are urgently needed for modeling water/rock systems that provide a better understanding of the dynamics governing many geologic processes.
etched calcite surfaces measured using VSI