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Andreas Türke

Report of GLOMAR PhD student Andreas Türke about his participation in the Goldschmidt Conference in Prague, Czech Republic from 16 – 21 August 2015

The Goldschmidt Conference took place in Prague in the Czech Republic from the 16th of August until the 21st. It is the foremost conference in Geochemistry with more than 4000 participants and offers unique possibilities for networking and presenting scientific results in the geochemists community.

I was mostly interested in the sessions in “Petrology and Process: Micro to Macro”, “Biogeochemistry” and “Geobiology” as they deal with aspects of bioenergetics, on which I am working in my PhD project. One of the highlights was Antje Boetius’ anniversary talk “25 Years of Geobiology – Zooming in on Planet Earth’s Microbes”. She highlighted the development of Geobiology especially driven by improved analytical equipment in the past 25 years. Her talk was a great example of how to present scientific results to a broad audience; something that I have been struggling with in the past.

My own contribution was a poster on Palagonitization of upper oceanic crust and its impact on bioenergetics, which showed results of my first published manuscript in Astrobiology. I showed how geochemical changes in volcanic rocks of the upper oceanic crust effect the energetical regime of subseafloor microbial life. During the poster session I had very fruitful discussions with many senior scientists working in the same field and hopefully drew some attention to my publication. Thus, the conference helped me significantly in expanding my scientific network, which is becoming more and more significant starting the 3rd year of my PhD project.

Besides the scientific aspects, the city of Prague offered an amazing venue and made the social aspects of the conference very enjoyable with its vast amounts of restaurants, castles and its beautiful architecture.

I kindly thank GLOMAR for granting me financial support, which allowed me to take part in this unforgettable conference.
Andreas Türke

Andreas during the poster session at the 25th Goldschmidt conference 2015

Andreas Türke

Andreas at Wenceslas Square in Prague