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Funding Support

GLOMAR makes available funds to support specific categories of graduate student professional development.

Funding can be granted under the following categories:

(1) Conferences

In this cat­egory, fund­ing can be gran­ted for con­fer­ence fees, travel costs, ac­co­mod­a­tion and daily al­low­ance.

(2) Training not available in GLOMAR

e.g. sum­mer schools, courses or work­shops at other in­sti­tu­tions

(3) Research stay / placement / internship at another institution*

In this cat­egory, fund­ing can be gran­ted for travel costs, ac­co­mod­a­tion and daily al­low­ance.

(4) Family support

in­cludes the op­por­tun­ity to ex­tend the PhD period for up to 12 months for every child un­der the age of 2.

(5) Funding for conclusion of mansucripts

PhD stu­dents who plan to sub­mit their thesis after 3 years or less, may ap­ply for fund­ing for con­clu­sion of manuscripts. For more in­form­a­tion on how to ap­ply, see Manuskriptabschlussförderung

* Please note that in this category, GLOMAR can provide funding only for those activities that aim mainly on getting to know another institution and research/work environment. Research stays with a main focus on field work/data collection cannot be funded. If you have uncertainties, please contact us at [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript].

How to apply for funding

To apply for funding in the categories 1-3, please use the GLOMAR proposal form. The Mandatory Requirements will help you to fill in the form. Both can be found on the Resources page. To apply for funding in the categories 5 or 6 an informal application will be accepted.

Applications should be sent to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]

Who is eligible for funding?

All GLOMAR PhD students who are within the first three years of their PhD project and who have regaularly submitted the minutes of their thesis committee meetings and reports about their past activities funded by GLOMAR (see Reporting, below) are eligible for funding.


Students who received funding in the categories 1-3 are expected to write a report about their activity funded by GLOMAR. The report must include a photograph and is to be submitted to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] no later than 2 weeks after the activity ended.

Link to reports of activities carried out by GLOMAR PhD students:
Research stays - past experiences
Conference reports
Reports about other activites

Other funding opportunities