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Who can apply?

GLOMAR offers a structure for students who have already started with their PhD project in marine science.

Please note that the Graduate School does not offer any PhD positions!

If you are interested in conducting a PhD project at MARUM, please have a look at the web page working at MARUM.

Offers and expectations

GLOMAR has a lot to offer to its students. In order to keep up the high quality of our programme, there are some expectations we have. When applying to the Graduate School, please make sure you are aware of your responsibilities as a GLOMAR student.
active participation
GLOMAR offers GLOMAR expects
• Team supervision
• A dedicated course programme
• Research seminars, PhD days and annual retreats
• Funding for travel costs
• Family support
• A mentoring programme for young female scientists
• Internships for visiting PhD students from other institutions
Organisation and conduction of 2 thesis committee meetings per year

Active participation in
• the course programme
• the monthly research seminars
• the annual Ph.D. Days


How to apply

University of Bremen

PhD students employed at the University of Bremen or one of its partner institutions may apply for admission within the first 3 months of their PhD project.

The application must include the following documents:

(please make sure to stick to the order as listed below)
  1. Application form (see resources)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Motivation letter (please include an explanation why you would like to become a member of GLOMAR)
  4. Description of your PhD project (max. 1 - 1.5 pages)
  5. Letter from your supervisor confirming that (a) you have been selected in a competitive selection process, (b) the supervisor is willing to share your supervision with a thesis committee and (c) she/he agrees that you are expected to follow the graduate school’s curriculum

Please combine all documents into one single PDF and send it to [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript].

Applications must be submitted within the first 3 months of the PhD project. This 3 months period has been defined to give the PhD students enough time to follow the GLOMAR curriculum and to secure early involvement of a thesis committee.

In exceptional cases, PhD students can be accepted after the three months have passed. However, PhD students are required to contact the GLOMAR programme manager to discuss their case.

GLOMAR application form
GLOMAR application form

Please note that you can only be a member of one graduate school (i.e. GLOMAR or POLMAR or MarMic).


PhD students from other graduate programmes (ArcTrain, INTERCOAST, ...):
ArcTrain logo

GLOMAR welcomes all members of graduate programmes in marine sciences hosted at MARUM, such as ArcTrain.

Applications from PhD students in other programmes must include the following documents:
(please make sure to stick to the order as listed below)
  1. Application form (see documents)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Outline of the PhD project

Please combine all documents into one single PDF and send it to the GLOMAR programme manager.

What happens next?

Since there is no deadline for applications, PhD students apply for membership in GLOMAR throughout the year. One a few applications have been submitted, the new applicants are invited to a GLOMAR Workshop, where they introduce themselves and their PhD project.

And this is it! Follwoing this workshop you will be a member of the graduate school.


We are looking forward to receving your application!