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Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences



PhD Defence

Ting-Wei Wu

5 May 2021

15.00 hrs.


Career Chat

Dr. Mischa Ungermann

12 May 2021

17.00 hrs.





Periodic offers:

Writing Space


09.45 -12.15


Research Seminar

every last Friday of the month

13.00 - 14.30



Sofia Afoncheva @ Stable Isotope Ecology Course
Sofia @ Stable Isotope Ecology Course
PhD Defence Nora Schulze
Congratulations Nora!
PhD defence of Paula Senff
Congratulations Paula!
Rifki Furqan @ Q-methodology course
Rifki Furqan @ Q-methodology course
PhD defence of Neele Meyer
Congratulations Neele!
PhD Defence of Jonas Löb
Congratulations Jonas!
PhD Defence of Valentin Ludwig
Congratulations Valentin!
Carolin Müller @ MICRO 2020 - online
Carolin Müller @ MICRO 2020 - online
PhD defence of Natalia Sukhikh
Congratulations Natalia!
PhD defence of Anna Koester
Congratulations Anna!
PhD defence of Yanming Ruan
Congratulations Yanming!
Corinna Oster at the Phd Success Lab
Corinna @ PhD Success Lab