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Research stays abroad


Research visit at SLF (Linda Thielke)

Towards the end of my third year of my PhD, I took the possibility to visit Martin Schneebeli and his group at the Institute for Snow and Avalanche ...


Research stay at New Brunswick University (Defang You)

From 30th July to 21st August this year, I had a three-week short research stay at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. Although it was a ...


Research stay at McGill (Linda Thielke)

During my third year of my PhD, it was time for my research stay at the McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I spent three months (February – May) in the ...





Research stay at UQÀM (Lina Madaj)

I spent two month (April – June) at Geotop – UQÀM in Montréal to conduct X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis and obtain the mineral composition of the ...



Research stay in Alberta (A. Buinyi, H. Nowitzki, N. Sukhikh)

In autumn/winter 2018, we had the opportunity to spend some weeks at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, working with our Canadian ArcTrain ...


Research stay at UQÁM (J. Saini)

I stay­ed about 7 weeks at the GEO­TOP/​UQÀM in Mon­tréal, Ca­na­da. The GEO­TOP is a re­se­arch cent­re within UQÀM for geo­che­mis­try and geo­dy­na­mics ...



Research stay at UQÀM (S. Hohmann)

I spent 16 weeks on a research stay at the GEOTOP/UQÀM in Montréal, Canada under the supervision of Anne de Vernal working on the reconstruction of primary ...



McGill University (Andrea Klus)

ArcTrain offered me the possibility to stay at the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the McGill University in Montréal, Canada, from 25th ...


Research stay at UQÀM (RJ, HK, KK, VK)

During the winter of 2016, 4 ArcTrain Germany students had research stays at the Université du Québec - Montréal (UQAM)/GEOTOP. From lab work and paper ...


University of Calgary (A. Krandick)

ArcTrain offered me the possibility to stay 5.5 months at the Department of Geography at the University of Calgary, Canada. It was a great experience to ... +


University of Alberta (GSV, TB, VM)

After the field trip to the Torngat Mountains and the ArcTrain summer school in Montréal, three German ArcTrain PhD students went to Edmonton, Alberta for ... +

Sampling in eastern Canada (W. Leng)

In September I went with my supervisor on a 10 day self-driving sampling trip from Halifax to Montreal along the Gulf of St. Lawrence and St. Lawrence ... +

UQÀM Montreal (M. Bartels)

I stayed at the GEOTOP/UQÀM in Montréal, Canada, from November 20th to December 20th. It was a very exciting and inspiring experience to work in this ...


UQÀM Montreal (M. Ungermann)

After the field trip to Labrador and the annual meeting in Montreal I still stayed for two and a half months for my research stay with Bruno Tremblay, my ... +