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Dr. Thomas Westerhold

Research Staff


MARUM Director


+49 421 218-65672


+49 421 218-9865672



MARUM I, 0220

Thomas Westerhold

Research Interests

  • Astronomical Tuning of the Geological Time Scale
  • Climatic evolution of Cenozoic Oceans
  • Stable Isotopes (oxygen & carbon) to study paleoceanography
  • Non-destructive Core Logging/Scanning methods incl. XRF Core Scanning
  • Core Splicing and Core Image Processing

Recent Publications

Screenshot Drury Splice 982
T.Westerhold / MARUM
Bighorn Basin PETM at Polecat Bench
T. Westerhold / MARUM

New age models from the Bighorn Basin Coring Project

Here new high-resolution age models for the Bighorn Basin Coring Project (BBCP) drill cores to improve age models for climate records from deep-sea drill cores of the PETM.

Sampling of LLTM
T. Westerhold / MARUM

New Paper - Late Lutetian Thermal Maximum (LLTM)

Crossing a Thermal Threshold in Earth’s Climate System?

Transient Warming Event in the Late Lutetian - see here

T. Westerhold / MARUM

Astronomical Calibration of the Ypresian Time Scale

New paper published in Climate of the Past featuring the astronomical calibration of the Ypresian Stage. Open Access

T. Westerhold / MARUM

Code for Ocean Drilling Data (CODD)

New manuscript published in Climate of the Past featuring the new software macro package developed by Roy H. Wilkens


IODP Proposal 862-Pre
SW Atlantic Paleogene Climate
(T.Westerhold & S.Bohaty)