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Ocean Drilling

IODP Expedition 371

Tasman Frontier Subduction Initiation and Paleogene Climate

Sites: U1506–U1511
Dates: 27 July to 26 September 2017
Ports: Townsville to Hobart, Australia

Scientific Participants


IODP Expedition 320/321

Dates: 5 March to 22 June 2009
Ports: Honolulu, Hawaii to San Diego, California

Scientific Participants


Drilling Proposal Activity

Tanzania Offshore Paleoclimate (TOP): Tropical climate modes during greenhouse and icehouse conditions / Co-PI

#834-Full Uenzelmann-Neben

Drilling a transect from the Agulhas Plateau into the Transkei Basin: A keyhole into the Cretaceous Hothouse World / Co-PI

Cenozoic Evolution of the North Atlantict—he Western Atlantic Latitudinal Transect / Co-PI

#862-Pre Westerhold

Maurice Ewing Bank–Georgia Basin Depth Transect: A Southern Ocean Perspective on Paleogene Climate Evolution / PI

#874-Full Friedrich

Newfoundland Oligo-Miocene sediment drifts: understanding the transition from the Paleogene greenhouse to the modern icehouse / Co-PI

#933-Full Bickert

NW Africa Neogene Climate / Co-PI

#983-Pre Westerhold

Kerguelen Plateau Climate Chronicles

A single age model for all equat­orial Pa­cific ocean drilling sites

T. West­er­hold / MARUM

A single age model for all equatorial Pacific ocean drilling sites

We are trying to tie together all of the equatorial Pacific sites from Legs 85, 130, 138, 199 and expeditions 320 and 321 so that we know with great ...