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Dr. Thomas Westerhold

Wissenschaftliches Personal


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MARUM I, 0220

Thomas Westerhold

Research Interests

  • Astronomical Tuning of the Geological Time Scale
  • Climatic evolution of Cenozoic Oceans
  • Stable Isotopes (oxygen & carbon) to study paleoceanography
  • Non-destructive Core Logging/Scanning methods incl. XRF Core Scanning
  • Core Splicing and Core Image Processing

Attend the CBEP12 Conference in Bremen Summer 2022


12th International Conference on Climatic and Biotic Events of the Paleogene

22 - 25 Au­gust 2022 MARUM, University of Bremen, Germany

Recent Publications

T. Westerhold / MARUM
T. Westerhold / MARUM

Precession Pacing in the Maastrichtian

Tropical Ocean Carbon Export is Dominated by 21 kyr Cycles

New data from the Pacific Leg 198 sediments reveal incredible cyclicity previously unnoticed - new manuscript in review in Climate of the Past Discussions


CoreImage and Insolation ODP659
T.Westerhold / MARUM

Astronomical Cycles Pace Aridity in the Sahara for more than 11 Million Years!

Impressive Nature Geoscience paper lead by Anya Crocker reveals insolation-driven wet–dry shifts in Saharan climate were common over the past 11 Myr or even much longer ?!

JOIDES Resolution Nightshift CENOGRID
Image: Adam Kurtz


An astronomically dated record of Earth’s climate and its predictability over the last 66 million years

New Paper in Science

Cenozoic Global Reference benthic foraminifer carbon and oxygen Isotope Dataset (CENOGRID)


T. Westerhold / MARUM

Code for Ocean Drilling Data (CODD)

New manuscript published in Climate of the Past featuring the new software macro package developed by Roy H. Wilkens


IODP Proposal 983-Pre
Kerguelen Plateau Climate Chronicles
(T. Westerhold, G. Uenzelmann-Neben, C. Agnini, et al.)

IODP Proposal 862-Pre
SW Atlantic Paleogene Climate
(T. Westerhold, S.Bohaty, et al.)