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Keynote Speakers

Pre-conference Workshops

Workshop 1:
Modern planktonic foraminifera species identification and taxonomic

(Julie Meilland, Michal Kucera and Geert-Jan Brummer)

During this workshop we will discuss recent changes in the taxonomy of extant planktonic foraminifera and describe various features to easily identify them. We will work with reference slides to give you the opportunity to see shells from all modern species. We also invite you to
bring your own slides – especially the one containing difficult cases – to review them together. The length of the workshop (half day or full day) will be decided based on the number of participants.

Workshop 2:
PAM Fluorometry: Photosynthesis under global change

(Christiane Schmidt)

In this 3.5-hour workshop, you will learn how to apply Imaging Flourescence techniques (Pam Fluorometer) on measuring photosynthesis in the foraminifera-microalgae system. A 40 min lecture about basis of
photosynthesis measurements on marine holobionts and their applicability for global change research will be mixed with practical sessions, which allow you to learn measurements on your own (Fv/Fm, rapid light curve), and data analysis with PAM fluorometry software (Walz Germany).

Workshop 3:
Data analysis with R

(Phil Jardine and Chloe Walker-Trivett)

This workshop will introduce R and some common palaeocological analysis techniques. R code and some example datasets will be provided, and there will be time for participants to work on their own data. Note that participants will need to bring their own laptops to take part in this workshop.

Workshop 4 - for early-career researchers:
Know your options and find the career path that matches your skills

(Gaby Schilling, see also trainer profile)
In the first part of the workshop the young scientists will get an overview of career options for life and natural scientists available in academic research, scientific or industrial research and the variety of opportunities beyond that. The workshop will describe careers within the public sector, in the private industry and in NGOs.
The participants will understand that in other work environments the assessment for suitability of a candidate does not solely depend on his or her education and formal qualification. Personality aspects and the ability to interact with others play an important role. The participants will learn what employers in various fields of work expect from future employees at a personal level.
In the second part, the participants will reflect upon their own personality and motivation helping them to make career choices. Practical exercises comprise self-reflection and establishing an own profile as well as decoding job descriptions.

  • Reflect on own competences and personal strengths
  • Get to know other work environments apart from academic research
  • Develop an understanding of the requirements of different jobs
  • Reflect on values, motivators and personal working styles
  • Develop an individual strategy/action plan for the next career steps

Ice Breaker

Reception with food and drinks in the entrance hall of the MARUM main building on 9 November 2022 from 18.00 hrs.

MARUM entrance hall
MARUM entrance hall

Dinner cruise

Evening cruise on 10 November 2022 on the river Weser, overlooking the illuminated historical center and harbours of Bremen, with a welcome drink and buffet dinner on board.

cruise boat 'Oceana'; photo: Hal över, Bremer Fahrgastschifffahrt GmbH
Cruise boat 'Oceana'
photo: Hal över, Bremer Fahrgastschifffahrt GmbH
cruise boat 'Oceana'; photo: Hal över, Bremer Fahrgastschifffahrt GmbH
Cruise boat 'Oceana'
photo: Hal över, Bremer Fahrgastschifffahrt GmbH

(c) Hal över, Bremer Fahrgastschifffahrt GmbH