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OFS 2024

Welcome to Bremen and to the Ocean Floor Symposium 2024!

Oceanfloor Symposium 2024

Ocean Floor Symposium 2024
Scenarios for Warmer Worlds: Lessons from the Past
May 13 - May 16, 2024

at MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen

Scientific Themes

The overarching topic of understanding scenarios for warmer worlds the symposium was organized along the following themes:

  • Causes and impacts of perturbations in the climate-carbon cycle
  • Marine ecosystems: Interrelation to environmental conditions and biogeochemical processes
  • Decoding of environmental signals from past warm climate conditions



  • (March 2024) The Speakers of the Ocean Floor Symposium and the preliminary program is online.
  • (August 2023) The Ocean Floor Symposium 2024 will have the topic “Scen­arios for Warmer Worlds: Lessons from the Past” and will take place from May 13-16, 2024 at the University of Bremen