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Dr. Julie Meilland



Mikropaläontologie - Paläozeanographie


+49 421 218-65815



UFT 1570

Julie Meilland

Research interests

My research focus on modern planktonic foraminifera ecology. 

By studying their taxonomy, morphometry, vertical and horizontal distribution, I aim to better constrain their living habitat and the factors controlling it.

Since October 2018 I develop these questions through my own DFG project "Can patchiness explain habitat variability in planktonic foraminifera?" (FoPa).


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Research Expeditions

08-09 / 2020: RV Celtic Explorer, expedition CIAAN with the University of Galway (Nordic Seas), 4 weeks

11-12 / 2019: RSS James Clark Ross, expedition JR19001 with the British Antarctic Survey (Antarctica - Scotia Sea), 7 weeks

10 / 2018: RV Helmer Hanssen, teaching cruise (Norwegian coast), 3 days

08-09 / 2017:  RV Meteor, M-140 FORAMFLUX (Cabo Verde - Canary Island), 4 weeks

10 / 2016:  RV Helmer Hanssen, teaching cruise (Norwegian coast), 1 week

07 / 2016:  RV Atalante, IFREMER, STEP cruise (Storfjorden), 3 weeks

06 / 2016:  RV Helmer Hanssen, CAGE-ROV cruise (Svalbard - Barents Sea), 3 weeks

04 / 2016:  RV Helmer Hanssen, CAGE-16 expedition (Savlbard), 1 week

04 / 2016:  RV Helmer Hanssen, CAGE-15 expedition (Bjørnøyrenna), 1 week

02 / 2016:  RV Helmer Hanssen, CAGE-OA expedition (Svalbard to Tromsø), 2 weeks

08-09 / 2014:  RV Pourquoi Pas ?, IFREMER, expedition MOCOSED (N-Atlantic, Barents Sea), 6 weeks

01-03 / 2014:  RV Marion Dufresne, IPEV, expedition MD197 - MYCTO (Southern Indian Ocean), 7 weeks

01-03 / 2013:  RV Marion Dufresne, IPEV, expedition MD193 - LOGIPEV (Southern Indian Ocean), 7 weeks

01-03 / 2012:  RV Marion Dufresne, IPEV, expedition MD189 - India South 2 (Southern Indian Ocean), 7 weeks

01-03 / 2011:  RV Marion Dufresne, IPEV, MD185 expedition - India Southern (Southern Indian Ocean), 8 weeks