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Dr. Julie Meilland



Mikropaläontologie - Paläozeanographie


+49 421 218-65815



UFT 1570

Julie Meilland

Research interests

My research focuses on modern planktonic foraminifera ecology and contribution to the biological carbon pump. 

By studying foraminifera assemblages (concentration and taxonomy), morphometry, vertical and horizontal distribution, I aim to better constrain their living habitat and the factors controlling it.

I am currently working within the RECEIVER research theme of the Cluster of Excellence > The Ocean Floor - Earth's Uncharted Interface on the contribution of planktonic foraminifera to the export of carbonate and organic carbon to the deep ocean. The research I carry out in this position is a continuation of my previous work (e.g. own DFG project "Can patchiness explain habitat variability in planktonic foraminifera?" - FoPa).

Icebergs in the Scotia Sea


MARUM Women's representatives (January 2022 - present)

MARUM Postdoc representatives (2019 - 2020)

Falklands penguins
Snow storm onboard the James Clark Ross



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Research Expeditions

06 / 2022: Co-chief scientist, CAGE 22-4 cruise within the ARCLIM project and with UiT, the Arctic University of Norway (Nordic Seas), RV Helmer Hanssen, 1 week

07 / 2021: Co-chief scientist, CAGE 21-2 cruise within the ARCLIM project and with UiT, the Arctic University of Norway (Fram Strait), RV Helmer Hanssen, 1 week

08-09 / 2020: RV Celtic Explorer, expedition CIAAN with the University of Galway (Nordic Seas), 4 weeks

11-12 / 2019: RSS James Clark Ross, expedition JR19001 with the British Antarctic Survey (Antarctica - Scotia Sea), 7 weeks

10 / 2018: Co-chief scientist, RV Helmer Hanssen, teaching cruise (Norwegian coast), 3 days

08-09 / 2017:  RV Meteor, M-140 FORAMFLUX (Cabo Verde - Canary Island), 4 weeks

10 / 2016:  Co-chief scientist, RV Helmer Hanssen, teaching cruise (Norwegian coast), 1 week

07 / 2016 RV Atalante, IFREMER, STEP cruise (Storfjorden), 3 weeks

06 / 2016:  RV Helmer Hanssen, CAGE-ROV cruise (Svalbard - Barents Sea), 3 weeks

04 / 2016:  RV Helmer Hanssen, CAGE-16 expedition (Savlbard), 1 week

04 / 2016 RV Helmer Hanssen, CAGE-15 expedition (Bjørnøyrenna), 1 week

02 / 2016:  RV Helmer Hanssen, CAGE-OA expedition (Svalbard to Tromsø), 2 weeks

08-09 / 2014:  RV Pourquoi Pas ?, IFREMER, expedition MOCOSED (N-Atlantic, Barents Sea), 6 weeks

01-03 / 2014:  RV Marion Dufresne, IPEV, expedition MD197 - MYCTO (Southern Indian Ocean), 7 weeks

01-03 / 2013:  RV Marion Dufresne, IPEV, expedition MD193 - LOGIPEV (Southern Indian Ocean), 7 weeks

01-03 / 2012 RV Marion Dufresne, IPEV, expedition MD189 - India South 2 (Southern Indian Ocean), 7 weeks

01-03 / 2011:  RV Marion Dufresne, IPEV, MD185 expedition - India Southern (Southern Indian Ocean), 8 weeks