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One of the main objectives of MARUM is to train early career researchers to take on the diverse challenges of top-level research, including cross-disciplinary collaborations and science communication to a broader public.

The MARUM graduate school GLOMAR serves as a central platform for interdisciplinary training for doctoral students in marine sciences at the University of Bremen and its partner institutions. GLOMAR follows a threefold strategy to prepare young marine scientists for their future career:

  1. Educating the students to become excellent young scientists in their respective fields,
  2. Providing them with an interdisciplinary foundation and an international network, and
  3. Giving them the opportunity to improve their transferable skills
top-level research
PhD conference
We offer a broad range of training courses, including introductory, expert, and transferable skills courses. To complement the training programme, GLOMAR also closely cooperates with other graduate schools in the region.
English is the primary language for all communication and classes.

Key features of GLOMAR:

  • Excellent research environment at MARUM and its partner institutions
  • Team supervision through a thesis committee
  • Interdisciplinary and structured PhD programme in English
  • Monthly research seminars
  • Funding for conferences and placements in academic institutions or industry
  • Intensive support for international students
  • Support for PhD students with children

An invitation from the Graduate Dean:

Dierk Hebbeln

“GLOMAR provides a dedicated research training programme for PhD students in many fields related to the marine realm combined with an exceptional supervision and support programme in a stimulating research environment. Our graduate school offers also supports research placements to international PhD students.

I invite you to join our graduate school and become a member of the next generation of excellent marine scientists.”

Prof. Dr. Dierk Hebbeln

A film from the early days of GLOMAR, back in 2007, when the Graduate School focused on 'Global Change in the Marine Realm'. Since 2012, GLOMAR has been open to PhD students from ALL fields of marine sciences.