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PhD Days 2016

5 - 6 April 2016
at Schloss Etelsen


The programme combined lecture sessions including talks (15 mins), speed talks (5 mins), poster pitches (1-2 PP slides) and poster sessions. At the beginning, the participants were involved in a project game "The 21st Century Institute for advanced Marine Science"


Awards for best talk and best poster (chosen by all participants) were presented to

Lennart van Maldegem (MPG Jena / GLOMAR) for his talk "On the Origins of Complex Life"

Martina Hollstein (MARUM / GLOMAR) for her poster entitled "Western Pacific near surface hydrography as reflected in shells of planktic foraminifera"

Markus Loher (MARUM / GLOMAR) for best science photo
the awardees

from left to right: Markus Loher, Martina Hollstein, Lennart van Maldegem


Organising committee

The Programme of the Bremen PhD Days in Marine Sciences 2016 is organised by the MARUM/GLOMAR PhD representatives:
Daniel Gray (MARUM)[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Julia Haberkern (MARUM)[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Benjamin Halstenberg (MARUM)[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Thomas Lorscheid (MARUM)[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]
Lennart van Maldegem (MPI Jena)[Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]