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Study programmes in marine sciences

Come to MARUM and the University of Bremen to Study Marine Sciences!

MARUM plays an important role in the education of bachelor and master students in marine sciences. Many of the lecturers of the courses are members of MARUM or involved in MARUM projects.  Students come to MARUM to use the unique laboratory and equipment for their courses, projects or theses or to work as student assistants.

student assistant

Marine research is part of one of the high-profile areas of the University of Bremen. Several interdisciplinary master's programmes with a reference to marine sciences are offered to interested students. Building on undergraduate studies in physics, biology or geosciences, students can expand their knowledge and skills in marine sciences with these master's programmes or specialise in them.

students in the lab
Photos: V. Diekamp, MARUM

The study programmes lie in the responsibility of the faculties. Interested students are cordially invited to contact the study centres and course coordinators of the respective faculties (see links in the second column).

Marine Science programmes:

Overview M.Sc. Programme - faculty web page and contact
M.Sc. Environmental Physics Faculty 1 - Physics/Electrical Engineering
M.Sc. Marine Biology Faculty 2 - Biology/Chemistry
M.Sc. Marine Geosciences Faculty 5 - Geosciences
M.Sc. Marine Microbiology MarMic Programme


Related programmes (using e.g. similar research methods):

Overview M.Sc. Programme - faculty web page and contact
M.Sc. Physical Geography: Environmental History Faculty 8 - Social Sciences, Institute of Geography