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Low-Latitude Climate Variability

Working group Low-Latitude Climate Variability


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About us

We are devoted to paleoclimate research at lower latitudes by combining results from instrumental data, marine sedimentary archives, and model simulations. Our research deals with various aspects and topics of environmental change and includes modern and past changes in marine productivity and carbon cycle, ocean temperature and circulation, continental vegetation, rainfall and runoff, wind, and atmospheric circulation.

Our goal is to understand the underlying physics and dynamics of climate change at low latitudes, their forcing and feedback mechanisms, and resilience and tipping points of different climate systems.

For our studies, we make use of almost the entire set of available environmental proxies, generated either by ourselves or in collaboration with other laboratories. This includes stable oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen isotopes, radiocarbon, radionuclides and cosmogenic beryllium, organic carbon and opal, planktic foraminiferal fauna and shell geochemistry, major, minor, trace and Rare Earth elements, alkenones, TEX86, δD and δ13C of leaf waxes, etc.

photo by Dr. Vivasayam
Mohtadi et al. (2016)