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Students are supported during all phases of their academic studies. In the early stages they participate in our courses and exercises. Later, they are in close contact with their supervisors for preparing exams and final papers.



Bachelor students

During the Bachelor's program, the necessary basic concepts for understanding climate models are developed and practiced with simple applications. For the Bachelor thesis, complex climate programs are used to calculate and describe climate changes.

Mathematische Grundlagen der Geowissenschaften I
Mathematische Grundlagen der Geowissenschaften II
Bearbeitung und Analyse geophysikalischer Daten
Physikalische Klimatologie und Ozeanographie
Projektübung Sedimentkern



Master students

In the Master's program, different states and changes in the climate system are described and analyzed using more elaborated methods. The climate models of the department are used to investigate scientific questions in detail by means of numerical experiments. This work is documented in the Master thesis.


Abrupt Climate Changes
Earth System Modelling
Modelling Past and Future Climate Changes



PhD stu­dents

For a doctoral thesis, existing climate models have to be improved, e.g. by including additional parameters. The effects of those changes are examined by model experiments and compared with results from proxy data analysis. The work gets published by writing corresponding articles for scientific journals.

Completed doctoral thesises:



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