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The Labrador Diary

The excursion
From August 20th - 29th two dozen PhD and master students of the International Research Training Group ArcTrain will be on excursion in the sub-arctic of Northern Labrador.

The excursion starts in Montreal and continues via Halifax to Happy Valley/Goosebay, and finally to the Torngat National Park. A Base Camp maintained by Inuit is the starting point for several hiking tours, which will be guided by scientific experts. - The return trip will be by ferry. From Nain, the northernmost permanent settlement in Labrador, we shall sail back to Happy Valley with a few stopovers in small coastal Inuit villages. Back in Montreal, the participants will assemble for their annual scientific meeting.
The Diary

The Arctic realm is expected to experience a greater-than-average response to global climate change. Thawing permafrost soils, retreating glaciers and icecaps, vanishing sea ice, continental and marine ecosystems under stress - all of these are symptoms of currently ongoing processes that are far from being well understood.

The International Research Training Group ArcTrain ("Processes and impacts of climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian Arctic") aims to educate PhD students in an interdisciplinary environment that combines the focal areas of marine geoscience and environmental physics in Bremen with complementary skills and expertise in sea-ice and ice-sheet modelling in a consortium of eight Canadian partner universities. The results of the PhD projects will be used to robustly assess the impact of projected future climate changes on the Arctic.

Students attend seminars, workshops and conferences to obtain profound insights into ongoing processes in the Arctic realm. Excursions like the one to Labrador help them to gain a better understanding in their respective research fields and beyond.
Foto: www.torngatbasecamp.com/home/

Evening in one of the fjords of the Torngat National Park, Labrador/Canada.

Foto: www.torngatbasecamp.com/home/

Itenary of the excursion.

ArcTrain students took part in a so-called "Floating University" onboard RV POLARSTERN. More information here.