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MARUM II, 2020

Johan Faust

Research Interests

Research with an emphasis on improving the understanding of mechanisms and impacts of environmental and climate changes is what interests me the most. I want to understand and investigate how natural climate variations affect the environmental conditions on Earth`s different region. And how sensitive Earth`s climate is to the alteration of the biosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere and lithosphere by human activity.


Research Focus
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My primary research interests are land-ocean interaction and the environmental response to past and recent climate variability in terms of marine productivity, weathering, erosion and sediment transport towards the coastal and deep ocean. The main focus of my research are (a) the detection of sources of particular sediment components to identify environmental mechanisms controlling their supply and distribution, (b) the identification of new proxies for terrestrial input/river discharge, (c) the examination of the origin, transport, and character of organic matter in marine sediments to constrain remineralization processes and carbon burial rates, (d) the reconstruction of climate variability on Holocene sequences.

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World Wide Web Contributions

Research Cruises

Sea Ice JCR
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2021 Maersk Launcher (5D): Clarion-Clipperton Zone, Pacific The Metals Company
2019 RR James Clark Ross (JR18006): Barents Sea, Norway University of Leeds
2018 RR James Clark Ross (JR17007): Barents Sea, Norway University of Leeds
2017 RR James Clark Ross (JR16006): Barents Sea, Norway University of Leeds
2016 RV Helmer Hanssen: Svalbard, Barents Sea, Norway University of Tromsø
2015 RV G.O. Sars (MAREANO): East Barents Sea, Norway NGU, Trondheim
2014 RV Seisma: Vestfjorden/Ofotfjorden, Norway NGU, Trondheim
2013 RV Helmer Hanssen: Lofoten, Norway University of Tromsø
2012 RV Seisma: Trondheimsfjord, Norway NGU, Trondheim
2011 RV Helmer Hansen: North Atlantic, Greenland University of Tromsø
2011 RV Seisma: Trondheimsfjord, Norway NGU, Trondheim
2008 RV Meteor (M76/1): Southwest Africa University of Bremen




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