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Online Courses

Participation in online courses can be a good way of adding some change and diversity into your daily routine during the lockdown. On a meta level, they can also help you to gain experience in online learning / teaching / presenting - skills that will be become more and more important in the future!

Below, you will find a list of platforms and links to online courses, some of which will be free, others come with a fee.

online course

Data bases - Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)

Berlin-based; courses are offered mostly in German and English but also in other languages
German e-learning provider for Universities
UK-based; jointly owned by The Open University and SEEK Ltd.
Ireland-based; free online education platform that mostly focuses on workplace-based skills
OpenLearn - The Open University
UK-based; free University courses
US-based; works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects.
US-based; created by Harvard and MIT
India-based; one of the world's largest MOOC provider
LinkedIn Learning
a subsidiary of LinkedIn; offers video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills; US-based but courses in many different languages


Courses in Data Science / Coding

You can also find courses on data science and coding on the platforms listed above. In addition, the following offers have a special focus on the topic:

an American online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, R and SQL
multinational platform that teaches companies and individuals the skills they need to work with data in the real world
a non-profit, interactive learning platform that aims to make coding courses accessible to anyone with a web connection
General Assembly
live coding workshops; some free but mostly paid for; to access them, you need to buy an e-ticket on Eventbrite and then tune into the livestream when it happens. For those who lack the motivation to learn at their own pace, this offers a good way to 'force' yourself to learn, because if you miss a session, you miss it.
a subscription-based service that offers thousands of online coding courses taught by industry professionals; courses come complete with material that's been created by the instructors, and there are projects for you to apply your skills; plenty of free courses

Software Courses and Tutorials

MATLAB - videos and webinars (English and several other languages)
provided by MathWorks
QGIS - tutorials and tips (English and several other languages)
provided by SpatialThoughts / Ujaval Gandhi


Science courses

Climate Change, Risks and Challenges (free; English, German)
organised by the German climate Consortium (DKK) and WWF Germany; course instructors are leading German scientists from renowned research institutions incl. MARUM
Climate Change: The Science (free; English)
developed by the University of Exeter
Tipping Points: Climate Change and Society (49€; English)
developed by the University of Exeter
One Planet, One Ocean (free; English)
developed by colleagues from the University of Kiel
Monitoring the Oceans from Space (free, English)
developed by EUMETSAT in support of the Copernicus programme

These are just a few examples. Just go to the MOOC web sites listed above and search for topics you are interested in.

Language courses

Rosetta Stone
one of the best self-learning language tools! members of the University of Bremen can use it for free; several different languages
Macmillan English Campus
online learning platform for English; people with a user card for the SUUB are eligible to use it
free classes, many different languages; starting out simple; can be used on mobile devices


Courses on Science Communication

1x1 der Wissenschaftskommunikation
Videos zu wichtigen Grundlagen der Wissenschaftskommunikation vom Nationalen Institut für Wissenschaftskommunikation (NaWik); in German
E-Learning-Kurse zum verständlichen Schreiben vom Nationalen Institut für Wissenschaftskommunikation (NaWik); kostenpflichtig, in German


Did you miss something in this list or would like to recommend a course?

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