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Sketchnotes of Marine Scientists


… are visual notes that combine drawings and text. They can be used to quickly record content and visualise it in a way that it is easy to understand and more memorable.


… focus on the essentials. Drawings are therefore reduced and lack many details. Simple objects and symbols as well as different text characters are typical for the sketchnote style.


… can be used, for example, to illustrate the outcome of meetings, to visualise the main objectives of a research project or to make scientific content understandable for non-experts (in films, blogs, presentations, etc.).

The sketchnotes below were drawn by participants of the course Sketchnotes for Scientists in February 2019.

The copyright of the images belongs to their individual creators.

Sabrina Hohmann
'Microfossils Go! Climate' by Sabrina Hohmann
Patrizia Geprägs
'MSP offshore preparations' by Patrizia Geprägs
Mariem Saavedra
Research keywords by Mariem Saavedra
Petter Kiss
'The effect of population dynamics, growth and calcification of foraminifera on the carbonate flux' by Peter Kiss
Gökce Tuba Masur
'Optimal Balance Procedure' by Gökce Tuba Masur
Dmitrii Murashkin
'Sea Icea Leads on Microwave Images' by Dmitrii Murashkin
See also https://doi.org/10.1017/aog.2018.6
Mariem Saavedra
'Adaption of coccolithophores to environmental change in the Southern Ocean' by Mariem Saavedra
Mariem Saavedra
'My CV' by Mariem Saavedra
Mariem Saavedra
'Paleoceanographic Evolution of the Japan Sea over the last 460 kyr: A Coccolithophore Perspective' by Mariem Saavedra
Ludwig Valentin
'Becoming a PhD student' by Ludwig Valentin
Lina Madaj
'How can Isotopes Trace Sediment Provenance?' by Lina Madaj
Hadar Elyashiv
'Submarine landslides' by Hadar Elyashiv
Melanie Sattler
'PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science' by Melanie Sattler
Philipp Haberkorn
'Direct-shear-test optimization' by Philipp Haberkorn
Carolin Müller
'How much fish' by Carolin Müller
(see below for details)
Carolin Müller
'How much fish' by Carolin Müller
zoom I
Carolin Müller
'How much fish' by Carolin Müller
zoom II
Carolin Müller
'How much fish' by Carolin Müller
zoom III
Carolin Müller
'How much fish' by Carolin Müller
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