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Dr. Sebastian Hammerschmidt

Dr. Sebastian Hammerschmidt is working as lobbyist and project manager at the Federal Association of the German Lime Industry e.V. (BVK). The BVK represents ca. 60 national and international companies, which produce and sell quicklime and slaked lime in Germany.

Originally from Munich, Sebastian obtained his MSc in Geosciences in 2011 at the University of Bremen. In the same year, he joined the Marine Geotechnics group of MARUM as a PhD student. The PhD project had strong ties to the Integrated Ocean Drilling/International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), and included participation in several expeditions to the Nankai Trough subduction zone, south-east offshore Japan, to investigate fluid migration within the accretionary complex. He was also a PhD representative of GLOMAR/MARUM.

After obtaining his PhD in 2014, Sebastian started as “Geoscience Graduate” at BP plc in January 2015. He supported the Eurasia and Africa exploration teams in identifying new opportunities on the UK continental shelf and in the MSGBC basin. Outside BP, Sebastian joined the AAPG London committee, and acted as mentor in the “Career Ready” and the “NERC Centre for Doctoral Training in Oil & Gas” programs.

In 2017, Sebastian took on a job offer from the Federal Association of the German Lime Industry e.V.. to work as a project manager in the R&D department. He handles multiple projects dealing with circular economy, conservation of resources, and CCU. His day to day work also includes lobbying, particularly in the areas of civil engineering and industry emissions.

Sebastian Hammerschmidt