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Dr. Rebecca Störmer

Dr. Rebecca Störmer is a freelance biologist and works in the field of environmental conservation. She founded „sustainable me“ as a sole proprietorship in 2013 and believes that everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world. Thus, she engages herself in various fields of environmental conservation.

Rebecca was facinated by nature since her childhood which she spend in Altena, a small community in the Sauerland (western part of Germany). Her career as a biologist started at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. In 2007 she applied at the AWI for her diploma thesis. Since then she lives on the tiny island Helgoland in the North Sea that has become a second home to her.

After finishing her diploma thesis she started her PhD as a third party project founded by environmental authorities in the same working group (microbial ecology) on Helgoland. She realized two things during her PhD I) that an academic (science) career would not satisfy her II) that she wants to use her knowledge and communitcation skills to work in environmental conservation.

As „sustainable me“ she offers environmental education for schools,educational centres and companies. She worked as a Co-coordinator in the Centre of Excellence progamm at the AWI. On Helgoland she supports the community and the nature conservation association Jordsand in regard to environmental concerns. Her most recent project is a small retail business for regional natural products in her home town in the Sauerland.
Rebecca Störmer