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As DFG funded international research training group ArcTrain is embedded into a framework of existing graduate school programs, whose courses and training opportunities are eligible to all ArcTrain students.

For more information on the courses these programs offer visit their webpages

V. Diekamp

ArcTrain courses

Group-level training within the ArcTrain project is conducted during the annual retreats and the annual meetings.


A. Krandick

Research stays abroad

ArcTrain PhD students are encouraged to go on an extended research stay at one of our Canadian partner institution at least once during their thesis.


A. Klus

Training reports

ArcTrain PhD students are asked to write a small report on the conferences and workshops they have visited.


Research Seminar

The monthly research seminar is an important part of the ArcTrain curriculum. It offers the chance for group wide discussions on challenges occuring during ... +