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Research and Projects

Earth's environmental history

Hallmark periods in Earth's environmental history: Neoproterozoic to Cambrian transition, Permo-Triassic
A key research topic is on the application of ... +

Active plate boundaries

Active plate boundaries: exchange between seawater, oceanic crust and continental crust
An additional focus is on transport and (re)cycling of elements at ... +

Material flux in(to) the ocean

Material flux in(to) the ocean and global environmental parameters in the Quaternary
The signatures of radiogenic isotopes provide information on the ... +

Further Projects/Cooperation

  • TUB/GFZ (M. Kutzschbach, B. Wunder, G. Franz) Fractionation of Boron isotopes between fluid and Tourmaline as a function of pressure, Temperature and Boron Concentration in Tourmaline.
  • TUB/GFZ (E. Berryman, M. Kutzschbach, B. Wunder, G. Franz) Fluid dynamics during alpine metamorphism of Post-Variscian sedimentary rocks of the central Tauern Window (Pfitscher Joch) using Tourmaline as petrogenetic indicator mineral.
  • Mexico (J. Mahlknecht) Assessing seawater intrusion in an arid coastal aquifer under high anthropogenic influence using major constituents, Sr and B isotopes in groundwater.
  • Nairobi (L. Olaka) Determining Groundwater Vulnerability to Climate Variability in the Kenia Rift.
  • South Sudan (University of Juba)/TUB (D. Evuk, G. Franz) Isotopic evolution and elemental composition of Neoproterozoic basement, Bayuda Desert, Sudan.