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Logistics includes the deployment planning of geological sampling equipment, scheduling of transports, preparation of customs lists, control and implementation of dangerous goods transports, application for export licences for dual use goods, inspection of packaging, proper loading of containers, customs clearance, commissioning of trucks and cranes.

Other logistics tasks include carrying out equipment maintenance (geology), equipment rental, storage of consumables, documentation and support for science in these matters.


Here you will find the dates for the expeditions that are carried out by the MARUM or in which the MARUM is involved and the logistics are entrusted with ...


Expedition planning and preparation

Transports are usually made in containers, more rarely as general cargo. Here you will find everything you need to know about commissioning and ...


Dangerous goods

The topic of dangerous goods is explosive and constantly changing. The requirements for the handling and labelling of dangerous goods are described here.


Export control

In order to prevent the uncontrolled transfer of dual-use goods, export controls must be carried out and, if necessary, a licence must be applied for from ...



Any equipment leaving the EU or imported into the EU from a third country must be checked by customs. What is there to consider in this case?


Gears and consumbles

Logistics provides parts of the equipment, especially for geological sampling (gravity plummet, grab, corer, core saw) and consumables (D-tubes, liners...) ...



In our download section you will find templates for packing lists, dangerous goods declarations and other forms and instructions. If possible, please do ...


Keywords and terms

In this section you will find links to keywords and terms.


Logistics team

Management: Götz Ruhland

Diekamp, Volker
+49 (0)421 218-65548
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Photo and video documentation, beamer, laptops, poster printing, consumables for lab and sample storage
Klann, Marco
+49 (0)421 218-65525
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Export control officer, dangerous goods, customs clearance, consumables for equipmen
Ruhland, Götz
+49 (0)421 218-65556
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Management, deputy export control officer, customs clearance, transport logistics