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Prof. Dr. Elda Miramontes García


+49 421 218-65200


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GEO, 2560

Research interests

In my research I study the sedimentary processes that control seafloor morphology and sediment distribution in the deep sea, with a special focus on deposits generated by oceanic currents. I am also interested in how oceanic circulation interacts with turbidity currents and affects submarine channels. My aim is to better understand sediment dynamics in deep-sea settings at present to improve paleoceanographic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions based on sedimentary archives.

In my research I use a combination of different methods and datasets to analyse sedimentary processes in deep-water systems and their related deposits: geophysical data (multibeam bathymetry and seismic data), sediment cores, in situ measurements of currents (vessel-mounted ADCP and moorings), numerical hydrodynamic modelling and flume-tank experiments. The videos of our last flume-tank experiments, that simulated the interaction of turbidity currents and contour currents, were published in Geology and are available in the following link: https://youtu.be/1c5r_l8W19E





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