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PD Dr. Mahyar Mohtadi


Low Latitude Climate Variability


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MARUM II, Raum 3100

Mahyar Mohtadi

Research Interests

I have been reconstructing the ocean circulation and the hydrological cycle of the Indo‐Pacific tropics to subtropics from marine sedimentary archives combined with model simulations. The body of my research activities is devoted to the hydroclimate of the Pacific and Indian Ocean realms by studying the long‐term evolution of, and the interaction between, the coupled atmosphere‐ocean climate phenomena inherent to these basins such as the Australasian monsoon systems, the Indian Ocean Dipole, and El Niño‐Southern Oscillation. I make use of various proxies and models to understand past dynamic and thermodynamic changes of the hydrological cycle: ocean circulation and thermal structure of the water column, salinity, terrestrial vegetation, rainfall, and runoff, as well as atmospheric zonal and meridional circulations. A major focus of my research is the interaction between anthropogenic and natural climate forcing within the Australasian monsoon domains. Another focus is investigating the causes and effects of temperature and CO2rise during the last deglaciation.

Completed projects:

BMBF: PUCK (2001-2003), PABESIA (2005-2007), SUMATRA (2006-2007), CHIMEBO (2010-2012), CARIMA (2011-2014), INVERS (2012-2014), TransGeoBiOc (2012-2013), SIODP (2013-2014), EISPAC (2013-2015), SPICE III (2013-2016), WESTWIND (2013-2016), CAHOL (2016-2019), TACTEAC (2017-2019)

DFG: ENSO-IOD-Monsoon(2008-2011), MARUM-Excellence Cluster (2007-2011), MARUM-Center of Excellence (2012-2018),BASE-ITF (2021-2023)

MoST: Banda Sea (2019-2021)

Running: MARUM-Center of Excellence (DFG, 2019-2025), HENWAC (NSFC, 2020-2024), INDOCRISIS (DFG, 2023-2025)

Accepted: SAMOVAR (BMBF, 2 years, TBD)

Gravity corer sampling on deck
© Courtesy of Philipp Munz
Multi-corer sediment Surface
© Courtesy of Philipp Munz



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2004 - 2006

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Hong Kong
© Courtesy of Torsten Bierstedt
Multi-corer, South China Sea
© Courtesy of Xiajing Li
Sediment sampling on deck
© Courtesy of Robin Beaman
© Courtesy of Torsten Bierstedt
CTD-water sampler recovery
© Mahyar Mohtadi
© Courtesy of Robin Beaman
Coral Sea
© Mahyar Mohtadi
© Courtesy of Robin Beaman
Gloria Knolls
© Mahyar Mohtadi
Launching MeBo 70, SO-221
© Courtesy of Thorsten Klein
Great Barrier Reef
© Mahyar Mohtadi
Torres Strait
© Courtesy of Willem Renema
SO-256, GBR
© Mahyar Mohtadi
Box corer on deck
© Mahyar Mohtadi
Torres Strait
© Courtesy of Martina Hollstein


As Chief scientist:

Other expeditions

  • SONNE-211 (ChiMeBo), SE Pacific, Valparaíso-Valparaíso, 2.11.-28.11.2011
  • SONNE-184 (PABESIA), Durban-Chilachap-Darwin, 08.07. – 13.09.2005
  • SONNE-189 (SUMATRA), E Indian Ocean, Jakarta-Jakarta, 06.09.-07.10.2006
  • SONNE-161 (SPOC) SE Pacific, Valparaíso–Valparaíso, 25.12.2001-24.01.2002
  • SONNE-156 (PUCK) SE Pacific, Valparaíso–Talcahuano, 14.04.-14.05.2001

Selected talks

  • XXI INQUA Congress, Rome. Italy, 2023 (keynote)
  • IRQUA 5rd National Conference on Quaternary Climate, Tehran, Iran, 2023 (invited)
  • IRQUA 3rd International Conference on Quaternary Climate, Tehran, Iran, 2021 (keynote)
  • 36th International Geological Congress, New Delhi, India, 2020 (keynote)
  • Symposium on Multiscale Climate Variability and Dynamics, Xi’an, China, 2019 (invited)
  • Western Pacific Paleoceanography IV, Keelung, Taiwan, 2019 (keynote)
  • 4th Xiamen Symposium on Marine Environmental Sciences, Xiamen, China, 2019 (invited)
  • ICTP 2nd Meeting on Monsoons and Tropical Rain, Trieste, Italy, 2018 (keynote)
  • EGU Annual Meeting, Vienna, Austria, 2018 (invited)
  • AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, USA, 2017 (invited)
  • 12thInternational Conference on Paleoceanography, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2016 (invited)
  • Annual Meeting of the Japanese Quaternary Society, Chiba, Japan, 2016 (keynote)
  • AGU Chapman Conference on the evolution of the Asian Monsoon, Hong Kong, China, 2015
  • AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 2014 (invited)
  • SAGE Workshop Ocean Gateways, Berlin, Germany, 2013 (keynote)
  • IMAGES/PAGES WPP III Workshop, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2013 (keynote)
  • AOGS-AGU (WPGM) Meeting, Singapore, 2012 (invited)
  • 7th ICAMG Meeting, Goa, India, 2011
  • IMAGES WPP II Workshop, Keelung, Taiwan, 2011 (keynote)
  • AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 2009 (invited)
  • AGU Chapman Conference on Abrupt Climate Change, Columbus, USA, 2009