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Luis Greiffenhagen

Doctoral Students


Marine Sedimentology


+49 421 218-65678


+49 421 218-65678



3290 - MARUM II

Luis Greiffenhagen

Research Focus

Working towards a first Atlantic-wide (global) estimate of the carbon(ate) budget of cold-water coral reef ecosystems to evaluate their potentially significant role in the global carbon cycle.


I am an interdisciplinary marine scientist focussing on deep-water coral reef ecosystems. In this context, I am particularly interested in working at the interface between ecology and geology, and have been involved in research with the University of Edinburgh and the National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK. I have experience in species distribution modelling and the quantification of ecosystem functions of cold-water coral reefs, which I will now look at from a long-term perspective - analysing the carbon budget of these systems.

A Cold-Water Coral Reef at Whittard Canyon, North East Atlantic.
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