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Lennart Stock


Organic Geochemistry


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MARUM I, 2610

Lennart Stock

Project Description

My doctoral research aims to investigate the molecular structures in the metabolic networks of microbial communities found in active cold seep environments. The project is a part of the MARUM cluster of excellence and is embedded in the subunit REACTOR theme 3 (processes and dynamics of vents and seeps), which closely monitors fluid flows and biochemical reactions transforming carbon and other elements on the ocean floor and within sediments.

Cold seeps are geological features found on both active and passive continental margins where fluids rich in hydrocarbons, for example methane, rise up from natural organic carbon reservoirs. 20 – 80% of methane fluids are consumed and used as an energy source by a biochemical process known as anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM). This process is facilitated by a consortium of anaerobic methanotrophic (ANME) archaea and sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB). ANME and SRB microorganisms are involved in diverse communication mechanisms, such as electron-transfer. However, the molecular-level interaction, which involves the release and uptake of small molecules, between ANMEs, SRBs, and other members of methane seep communities remains poorly understood.

In my research project, I aim to shed light on this complex ecosystem by utilizing metabolite extraction techniques and high-resolution analysis to create a metabolite inventory of microbial cold seep communities. By analyzing the metabolite inventory of cold seep environments such as the Hydrate Ridge off the coast of Oregon, USA, I hope to gain a better understanding of the underlying structures and dynamics of these communities.

Cur­ri­cu­lum Vi­tae

Since Oct. 2022 PhD student at MARUM, University of Bremen, Germany

Oct. 2019 -

Sept. 2022

M.Sc. Marine Environmental Science, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) - Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany

Master thesis (Marine Geochemistry): "Extending the analytical window of untargeted ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry analysis to small, polar metabolites in marine dissolved organic matter by benzoyl chloride derivatization prior to solid-phase extraction"

Oct. 2015 -

Sept. 2019

B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Bremen, Germany

Bachelor thesis: (Staubitz Group): "The Synthesis and Investigation of Photo-Switchable Diazocines"

Ship Ex­pe­di­ti­ons

Jan.-Feb. 2019

R/V Poseidon cruise POS531 - Las Palmas (Canary Islands) - Mindelo (Cape Verde)

Processing of bulk water samples, affinity chromatography of polysaccharides

Nov. 2019

R/V Poseidon cruise POS539 - Varna (Bulgaria) - Varna (Bulgaria)

Processing of bulk water samples, affinity chromatography of polysaccharides, solid-phase extraction of DOM, spectroscopic algae analysis

May-Jun. 2022

R/V MARIA S. MERIAN cruise MSM107 -
Bremerhaven (Germany) - Tromsø (Norway)

Processing of bulk water samples, tangential flow filtration of polysaccharides, solid-phase extraction of DOM