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Paleoceanographic Isotope Proxies

In the stable isotope laboratory of the Marine Geology group, four mass spectrometers (one MAT 251, one MAT 252, two MAT 253plus) are coupled to automated carbonate preparation ("Kiel") devices. They are mainly used to determine the isotopic composition of carbon and oxygen from foraminiferal tests, corals, and bulk carbonate from deep sea sediments. While the oxygen isotopic composition is an indicator of the past ocean hydrography (temperature, salinity), carbon isotopes are used to infer nutrient and ocean water mass distributions.

One Delta E mass spectrometer is coupled to an element analyser (combustion device) to measure the carbon isotopes of the organic matter contained in deep-sea sediment samples. These data are used to infer past nutrients and pathways of the carbon cycle; for example, carbon isotopes reveal the source of the organic matter - continental versus marine.

A gasbench with another MAT 252 mass spectrometer is used to determine the carbon isotope composition of the DIC of sea water and sediment pore water.


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