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Marine Technology

Sea-floor drill rig MARUM-MeBo70

MARUM-MeBo is a transportable drill rig that is deployed on the sea bed and remotely controlled from the research vessel in order to recover high quality cores.


Sea-floor drill rig MARUM-MeBo200

MARUM-MeBo200 is a new development based on experiences with the sea floor drill rig MARUM-MeBo70. MeBo200 is deployed on the sea bed for drilling up to ...


Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) MARUM-SEAL

SEAL is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) capable to work up to 5000 meter water depth.



The remotely operated vehicle (ROV) MARUM-QUEST is a fullsize "workclass" ROV, dedicated to scientific work and research operations in water depths down to ...



The MARUM-SQUID is a compact, light workclass ROV with a powerful equipment for operations down to 2000 meter water depth.



The benthic EM profiler MARUM-NERIDIS III maps the magnetic susceptibility and electric conductivity of the subsurface and provides high-resolution optical ... +

Wave Glider

The Wave Glider is a typ­ical sur­face drone that can be de­ployed over long time peri­ods to carry out ocean ob­ser­vat­ing tasks.


Additional Systems

Particle camera system ParCa PRO

ParCa Pro is a vertically profiling camera system to acquire abundance and size of marine particles. +

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) Instruments

The In situ characterization of sediment physical properties is crucial for the study of slope stability and offshore constructions. At MARUM three ... +