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Guoyin Huang

Doctoral Students


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MARUM Pavillon, 1060

Guoyin Huang

phD project: Polysaccharides involved in particles formation

Algal polysaccharides play a pivotal role in the marine carbon cycle because some types aggregate into particles that can sink and sequester carbon in the ocean. The types of polysaccharides that aggregate into particles remain unknown due to the analytical challenge to identify them in complex matrices such as marine organic matter.

In this PhD pro­ject, our aim is to in­vest­ig­ate the microalgae polysaccharides involved in particles formation, purify these polysaccharides and elucidate their biological role.

Research Interests

  • Marine glycobiology
  • Polysaccharide composition of microalgae and their exudates
  • Microalgae polysaccharide structure
  • Polysaccharide involved in particles formation
  • Interaction between microalgae polysaccharide and marine bacteria


2018.09-present Joint PhD student in the “Mar­ine Gly­cobi­o­logy” group of Dr. Jan-Hendrik Hehem­ann at the MARUM/​MPI MM Bre­men,Germany

2017.09-2018.08 phD student in College of Life Science,SiChuan University,China

2014.09-2017.06 Master’s degree in Microbiology,College of Life Science,SiChuan University,China

2010.09-2014.06 Bachelor of  biological science, College of Life Science,ChongQing University,China