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Dr. Evgenia Bazhenova


+49 421 218-65678



MARUM II, 3290

Evgenia Bazhenova


Work experience

Since 2023   Sea-floor mapping specialist, MARUM
2021-2022   Bathymetry data processor, marine construction survey, ROV pipeline inspection
2019-2021   Bathymetry data manager, Seabed 2030 project, NIWA New Zealand 
2017-2018   GIS consultant, GEBCO-Nippon Foundation Alumni Team in the Shell Ocean XPRIZE competition
2014-2017   Postdoctoral projects, marine geological research in the Arctic Ocean, St.Petersburg State University 
2009-2012   PhD student, Marine Geology, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research



2016               IHO Cat. A certificate in Hydrography /
Postgraduate certificate in Ocean Mapping      

Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping,
University of New Hampshire

2012   PhD in Marine Geosciences University of Bremen / Alfred Wegener Institute
2009   M.Sc. in Applied Polar and Marine Sciences St.Petersburg State University / University of Bremen
2007   B.Sc. in Geology St.Petersburg State University


Research cruises

2023 HE629 RV Heincke
2023 HE628 RV Heincke
2023 M192/1 RV Meteor
2018  RAE63 (Weddell Sea)   RV Akademik A.Karpinsky
2016 Arctic Ocean - 2016 RV Oden
2014 PS87 (ARK-XXVIII/4) RV Polarstern
2010 SO213-1 (SOPATRA) RV Sonne
2008 PS72 (ARK-XXIII/3) RV Polarstern
2007 Arctic Ocean RV Akademik Fedorov