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Once Upon a Time... Scientific short stories

"Once Upon a Time" is a still developing project within the contest "Hochschulwettbewerb zum Wissenschaftsjahr 2016*17 - Meere und Ozeane". It is also one of 15 winner projects. 29 young researchers with 11 different nationalities are part of it. 

In February 2021 the group released a second volume of scientific short stories.

Here  you can find further information on the project. 

Here  you can download the free version of our first and second ebook. 

Sneak Peeks

The life cycle

In this story you go on an adventure with the scientist Fazial.


Forams are fantastic!

Gigi and her friend Thibault discover a group of peliculiar sea creatures. What might they be?



Meet the funny little creature Lucas. You won't believe what his home is!



The young coral girl Lophelina wants to return to her father living in the beautiful city Corallia. Unfortunately, the city is not what she thinks. 


The plastic island

The young girl Aurea isn't happy about all the plastic lying on the beach or floating on the sea surface. Can her community revert the situation?


The Bremen Town Musicians

In this story the Bremen Town Musicians set sail and experience to completely different climates.


Eddie Earth

In this story Eddie Earth explains climate change and its consequences.


SWIM! It's trawling!!!

The CWC larva Mandi and his friend the velvet belly shark witness their home being destroyed. What happens to them afterwards?


Tonight you will dream

Did you ever wonder how it would feel like to walk along the sea floor and experience how the deep sea is like? You can find out in this poem.