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New Deep-Sea Drill Rig

Jul 15, 2014
Trendsetting Marine Technology from Bremen
After four years of development, construction of the new sea-floor drill rig MARUM-MeBo200 has been completed by the Center for Marine Environmental Sciences in Bremen, northern Germany. Scientific and technical sea trials will be carried out during an upcoming cruise of the new German research vessel SONNE, which was christened by Chancellor Angela Merkel only last Friday.
The 8 million Euro project comprises not only the drill rig but also a system with a special cable and winch needed to deploy the drill rig during sea-going expeditions. MARUM-MeBo200 was funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education.

It will be presented to the public on

Monday, July 21st, 14:00
Leobener Strasse, 28359 Bremen
Foto: T. Klein, MARUM

MARUM-MeBo project leader Dr. Tim Freudenthal (centre) supervising the deployment of MeBo70, the precursor drill rig of MeBo200.

Foto: T. Klein, MARUM

The MeBo200 system is made up of the drill rig proper and a deployment system (right hand side), which is installed on the working deck of the research vessel.