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MARUM Research Seminar 2024

MARUM Research Seminar 2023

Date Name Title
30.01. Tristan Biard The role of Rhizaria in pelagic ecosystems: recent insights from in situ imaging and basic biogeochemistry
13.02. Peter Christopher LaFemina Cascading Hazards in a Migrating Forearc-Arc System: Earthquake and Eruption Triggering in Nicaragua
27.03. Christopher A. Kiahtipes Of Peatlands and Floodplains: Unpacking the Complex Natural History of the Inner Congo Basin’s Fluvial Networks
24.04. Ilya Bobrovskiy Stable carbon isotope view on the record of early evolution of complex life: from bacteria to animals
08.05. Agathe Eijsink The influence of surface roughness on the earthquake potential of faults: a highlight of my PhD dissertation
12.05. Michele Rebesco IODP Exp-403: The high-resolution paleoclimatic record of the western margin of Svalbard
15.05. Sina Schorn Methane emissions from seagrass meadows in the Mediterranean Sea
05.06. Miriam Seifert Simulating the future ocean: Towards an improved projection of phytoplankton biomass and community composition
26.06. Marta Marchegiano The ostracod clumped-isotope thermometer: a novel tool to reconstruct quantitative continental climate changes
10.07. Denis Scholz

Short-term spe­leothem growth phases in Cent­ral Europe - snap­shots of warm and cold con­di­tions dur­ing Mar­ine Iso­tope Stage 3

9.10. Markus Stocker FAIR Scientific Information with the Open Research Knowledge Graph
6.11. Evgenia Galytska Eva­lua­ting Cau­sal Arc­tic-Mid­la­ti­tu­de Tel­e­con­nec­tions in CMIP6
13.11. Graciana Willis Poratti Unraveling the microbiology life in sediments from a small fjord in Antarctica
20.11. Christian Mohn Motion, commotion and biophysical connections at seamounts and carbonate mounds
04.12 Murray Ford New insights into the formation and dynamics of low-lying reef islands


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The "Bremen-Cardiff-Alliance" aims at facilitating research projects and promoting new collaborations between the University of Bremen and Cardiff University. In order to fill the partnership with life, researchers from Cardiff as well as from Bremen have the opportunity to participate in the research seminars of the partner university, to establish closer networks and to promote the exchange. The current date, topic and zoom link for the weekly Cardiff Seminar series will be shared via the MARUM info mailing list.