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MARUM II, 1050

Surya Eldo Virma Roza


seit 2020

MARUM - Uni­versität Bre­men, Deutschland

Doktorand - Mi­kro­pa­läon­tolgie (Div. Mar­ine Pa­lyn­o­logie)  

2017 -2019

Lud­wig-Max­imili­ans-Uni­versität München, Deutschland

Mas­ter of Sci­ence in Geo- and Pa­läo­bi­o­logie

2011 -2015

Uni­versitas Pad­jadjaran, Bandung - In­done­sien

Bach­elor of Sci­ence in Geo­logie



Inter-annual variability of the upwelling system off Cap Blanc studied from 18 years time series export flux of dinoflagellate cyst

The upwelling system off Cap Blanc forms one of the most productive region in the world. Permanent upwelling bearing nutrient rich water and mineral dust input from Sahara fertilize this coastal area as such, it becomes a key area in the global carbon cycle. In the scope of current global climate change, it is crucial to obtain insight into the effects of this change on the Cap Blanc ecosystem. This can be achieved by monitoring the production and association composition of key organisms of this ecosystem representing different trophic levels.

Dinoflagellates as marine planktonic organisms are a useful tool to study the dynamic of upwelling system off Cap Blanc because they consist of both photo- and heterotrophic organisms. Here we studied the export production of dinoflagellate cysts over an 18 years period by analyzing materials collected by a sediment trap located under the upwelling filament track of the major Cap Blanc upwelling cell at a depth ~1300m.

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Ort & Datum

Particulate organic matter export flux and ecosystem change in the Cape Blanc upwelling region during the last 18 years reflected by dinoflagellate cysts: a sediment trap study 

Gerard J. M. Versteegh, Gerhard Fischer, and Karin A. F. Zonneveld

Ocean Floor Symposium

"Understanding element fluxes - processes and budgets"

Marum Bremen, Deutschland; 9 - 12 Oktober 2022

Seasonal, annual, and multi-annual variability of dinoflagellate cyst export production in the upwelling area off Cap Blanc based on 18 years sediment trap time series - Oral Presentaion Gerard J. M. Versteegh, Karin A. F. Zonneveld 12th International Conference on Modern and Fossil Dinoflagellates(DINO12)

Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spanien; 4 - 8 Juli 2022

18 years of dinoflagellate cyst export flux deposition recovered from a sediment trap in the upwelling region off Cape Blanc (NW Africa) - Poster Gerard J. M. Versteegh, Karin A. F. Zonneveld 2nd Status Conference Research Vessels 2022 ICBM Oldenburg, Deutschland (online); 22 - 23 Februar 2022 
Paleoecology of the Late Triassic marine biota from the Cassian Formation - Oral Presentation Alexander Nützel

"Paleo & Life" 90th Annual Meeting of the Paleontological Society

LMU München, Deutschland; 15 - 19 September 2019
Biostratigraphy correlation of Jatiluhur, Kalapanunggal, and Subang Formations in northern part of Bogor Through - Oral Presentation Lia Jurnaliah, Abdurrokhim GEOSEA XIV Congress and 45th IAGI Annual Convention 2016 (GIC 2016) Bandung, Indonesien; 10 - 13 Oktober 2016