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Scientific Experience

  • 1990
    Fabric studies and quantitative texture analysis of fine grained sediments (clays, siliceous clays) from ODP Leg 128 (Japan Sea)
  • 1991
    Microfabrics, porosity variations and strain analysis of mudrocks from ODP Leg 131 (Nankai Accretionary Prism)
  • 1992
    Mass balancing and seismic interpretation of cross-sections using data of ODP Leg 141 (Chile Margin Triple Junction)
  • 1993
    Participation in ODP Leg 146 (Cascadia Margin) as sedimentologist; Studies on cementation and diagenetic processes in carbonates on samples from the Oregon Margin;
  • 1994
    Seismic processing, interpretation, and computer-based modelling of balanced cross-sections and basins across the Chile Margin
  • 1995
    Participation in ODP Leg 160 (Mediterranean Sea) as struct. geologist; Sedimentological and petrographic studies on mud volcano sediments from the Eastern Mediterranean (ODP Leg 160); Textural studies and fabric quantification on clays and claystones (Mediterranean Ridge)
  • 1996
    Geotechnical experiments on mud volcano sediments from the Eastern Mediterranean; Isotope studies and vitrinite reflectance on mud volcano sediments; Permeability tests on marine sediments; Drained and undrained shear tests on mudrocks
  • 1997
    Fracture analysis on platform carbonates (Mediterranean); Strain evaluation of brittle and ductile deformation (Scotland); Seismic processing and interpretation(Cyprean Arc)
  • 1998
    Participation in PRISMED2 cruise (N/O L'Atalante) in the Eastern Mediterranean and ODP Leg 180, Woodlark Basin (R/V Joides Resolution); Seismic processing and interpretation (Eastern Mediterranean)
  • 1999
    Coordination of an ODP drilling proposal; boron isotope study on pore fluids and fluid budget estimates at the Costa Rica forearc (ODP Leg 170); participation in two TECFLUX cruises (R/V Sonne) at the Cascadia margin to study gas hydrate-related venting
  • 2000
    Habilitation thesis, University of Freiburg, Germany;
    Fluid balance calculations over the Mediterranean Ridge accretionary prism; tectonics of the Ninetyeast Ridge (ODP Leg 179); Mud volcanism in the Great Caucasus; B geochemistry of Japan Trench forearc drillcores
  • 2001
    Development of a direct shear system at SIO; Ringshear and direct shear experiments on artificial clay and silt mixtures; deformation of Nankai sediment to measure permeability and water-rock interaction at high PT conditions; B geochemistry of clay-carbonate mixtures
  • 2002
    Deformation tests and chemistry on sediments from the Woodlark Basin detachment, Costa Rica, and the Japan Trench forearc; B and Cl isotope work on the Japan Trench, Mediterranean mud volcanoes; quantitative studies on global methane flux through mud volcanoes; geochemical balance across the Costa Rica subduction zone
  • 2003
    B geochemistry of silicate-water systems; Set-up of a geotechnical laboratory at RCOM Bremen, Research cruise SO175 to study earthquake hazards in the Gibraltar Arc region
  • 2004
    Construction of heated deformation systems, high-stress ring shear apparatus, etc.; Slope stability and turbidite research on Gulf of Cadiz sediments; CPT development
  • 2005
    Soft sediment deformation and landslide studies (Chile, Switzerland, North Sea, Baltic Sea); Design of a seafloor observatory system for up to 10 instruments with real-time data transmission (FINO1, North Sea); Shear experiments of seismogenic fault gouge (Taiwan, Gulf of Corinth); Design of a deep-water CPT lance
  • 2006
    Shear and heated deformation tests of marine sediments and seismogenic fault gouge (Nankai Trough, Nobeoka Fault, San Andreas Fault); Landslide intiation at the Ligurian and Cretan Sea Margins; Development of long-tern pore pressure instruments (FINO1, Azerbaijan)
  • 2007
    Development of a 360° scanning sonar tower; In situ testing at Dashgil mud volcano (Azerbaijan); chief scientist of cruise M73-1 (RV Meteor) to study landslides along the Ligurian slope
  • 2008
    Development of two long-term observatories on Dashgil mud volcano to monitor, pore pressure, temperature and methane flux; deformation experiments on marine sediments; Distinguished lecturer in teh field of Geodynamics for IODP-ECORD
  • 2009
    Chief scientist of cruise Pos 386 offshore Nice/France; participation into IODP Riser drilling expedition 319 (Nankai/Japan); development of a dynamic triaxial shear apparatus capable of operating at 20 Hz; geotechnical and sedimentological work on sediment from Chile margin
  • 2010
    In situ CPT testing of marine sediments in Tauranga and Lyttelton harbours, New Zealand; Grain size analysis and frictional tests of Nankai sediment; Co-chief scientist of IODP Expedition 332 (DV Chikyu) off Japan; development of the SmartPlug exchangeable borehole observatory for IODP holes; field work on surface outcrops along the Alpine Fault, south island of NZ; Start coordinating the EU project "Deep-Sea and Sub-Seafloor Frontier"
  • 2011
    Chief scientist on cruise Pos 410 (RV Poseidon) on the Mediterranean Ridge to study mud volcanoes; CPTu testing in fluid mud-rich areas in Germany; heated deformation tests to assess smectite dehydration; participation into DFDP-1 drilling into the Alpine Fault
  • 2012
    Chief scientist on cruise Pos 429 on the Mediterranean Ridge and Ligurian slope to study mud volcanism and slope stability; Chief scientist on cruise SO222 (RV Sonne) on the Nankai accretionary complex to study/instrument mud volcanoes; development of small borehole observatories for MeBo seafloor drill; frictional testing on Tohoku earthquake sediment; White paper of EU project "Deep-Sea and Sub-Seafloor Frontier"
  • 2013
    Field work on active mud volcanoes along the onshore Hikurangi margin, NZ; frictional testing of Alpine Fault sediments; development and use of a long-term osmosampling probe for the Ligurian margin; use of in situ penetrometers to assess sediment mobility around offshore wind turbine foundations (Alpha Ventus); development of a heated direct shear apparatus (200 MPa normal stress, 200 degC)
  • 2014
    Geochemical analyses on mud volcano fluids from Myanmar, NZ and Nankai; development of MeBo borehole observatories with pop-up telemetry; development of trawl-safe long-term sonar systems to detect bubble release on gas hydrate-bearing slopes (MIDAS project); development and deployment of mud volcano observatories (Anaximander Mts., Eastern Mediterranean); CPTu testing along landslide-prone slopes in the Beaufort Sea, Canada
  • 2015
    Participation into STEP V cruise on RV L'Europe at the Nice margin, France to maintain and deploy new observatory probes; oedometer testing of Arctic landslide material; CPTu testing of Swedish coastal sediments (TREASURE project)