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Jannis Viola

Assoziiertes Wissenschaftliches Personal


Organische Geochemie


+49 421 218-65744



MARUM 1, R2610

Jannis Viola


AWI - Earth System Diagnostics

MARUM - AG Hinrichs (Organic Geochemistry)

ERC SPACE - Space-time structure of climate change

Cluster of Ex­cel­lence: "The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Un­charted In­ter­face"


Research Interest


  • Molecular Stratigraphy
  • Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography
  • MSI based high resolution paleo proxies
  • Model Evaluation



PhD Project


Marine temperature variability of the last millenium and robustness of the proxy record

Determining the magnitude of natural climate variability is necessary for predicting the plausible range of future climates and to test climate models. As the instrumental record is too short to determine slow climate variations, the analysis of proxy records of the Holocene can provide crucial information about climate variations on decadal to millennial timescales.

However, current marine paleoclimate records are noisy and often lack the appropriate temporal resolution to reconstruct climate variations on society relevant timescales.Further, the correlation between existing marine sediment records is very low, either pointing to highly noisy or unrepresentative records or to a more localized climate variations than predicted by climate models.

This thesis will overcome this challenge combining the Mass spectral imaging (MSI) technique that allows measuring temperature proxies at an unprecedented resolution in the Hinrichs Lab at MARUM and the methods and expertise of the ERC Starting Grant SPACE (Space Time Structure of Climate Change) team.

It will investigate the spatial and temporal variability of Holocene proxy records; develop new techniques how to reduce the noise in MSI based temperature records and develop the first reconstruction of marine interannual to multi-centennial climate variability based on a single climate archive type.

The PhD thesis is part of the MARUM Cluster of Excellence: The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Unchartered Interface and the ERC Starting Grant SPACE (Space Time Structure of Climate Change)