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Dr. Julius Lipp


Organic Geochemistry


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MARUM I, 2700

Julius Lipp
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Curriculum Vitae

since July 2012Senior researcher and head of LCMS laboratory in Organic Geochemistry group, University of Bremen
July 2010 - June 2012DFG 'own position' at MARUM and Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen
July 28th, 2008Receipt of PhD certificate
July 2008 - June 2010PostDoc in the Organic Geochemistry group, MARUM and Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen
June 2nd, 2008PhD defense at the Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen
Title: "The role of Archaea in the deep marine subsurface"
December 2003 - June 2008PhD student at the Research Center for Ocean Margins, University of Bremen
Thesis title: "Intact membrane lipids as tracers for microbial life in the marine deep biosphere"
April, 3rd 2003Receipt of the diploma certificate
June 2002-February 2003Diploma (M. Sc.) thesis at the Institute of Biochemistry, University of Cologne
Thesis title: "Derivatization of Iridals for MS/MS analysis"
October 1996Student at the University of Cologne, department of chemistry

Research Interests

  • Organic geochemistry
  • Biomarker research
  • Microbial ecology
  • Molecular ecology
  • Geochemical modeling
  • Development of new analytical methods
  • Chemoinformatics

PhD Thesis

Only recently discovered, the biosphere in deeply buried marine sediments harbors an enormous ecosystem of previously hidden prokaryotic life forms. Although this deep biosphere contains 10 to 30% of the total surface biosphere biomass still little is known about the key processes and their linkage to the overlying ocean. In IODP, the exploration of the Deep Biosphere is now one of the major research themes. Major questions of the deep biosphere research initiative include:
  • What types of microbes thrive in deeply buried sediments and what are the processes they are mediating?
  • What impact does this biosphere have on the Earth's surface and on global element cycling?
To adress these important questions I analyzed membrane lipids with
  • HPLC/MSn for structure elucidation
  • GC/MS for identification of additional properties like headgroups/ether alkyl chains/fatty acids and for quantification
  • GC/IRMS to determine the carbon stable isotope ratio
The thesis can be downloaded here as PDF.

Publications (*first author)

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Jan 2009MARUM award for best PhD thesis: Intact membrane lipids as tracers for microbial life in the marine deep biosphere.

Ship Expeditions

Feb 2011Meteor M84/1 (DarcSeas): Deep subseafloor Archaea in the Eastern Mediterranean, Marmara, and Black Seas: carbon cycle, life strategies, and role in sedimentary ecosystems.
Nov 2009 - Jan 2010IODP Expedition 317: Canterbury Basin Sea Level.
Dec 2008Cruise AT15-40 with R/V Atlantis to Guaymas Basin, Mexico. Exploration of hydrothermal vents and their impact on carbon cycling in sediments with the submersible Alvin.
Oct-Nov 2005Cruise NT05-8 with the japanese vessel NATSUSHIMA of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC). Exploration of hydrothermal venting sites in the mariana arc with ROV HyperDolphin 3000.

Teaching Experience

(Co)supervised theses
PhDKevin Becker (ongoing), Jan Schröder (ongoing), Rong Zhu (Feb. 2014), Sitan Xie (October 2012), Xiaolei Liu (May 2011).
MSc/diplomaSusanne Alfken (April 2015), Carl Peters (Nov 2012), Jessica Holterhof (June 2012), Christopher Dibke (Nov 2011), Kevin Becker (Oct 2011), Miriam Sollich (Mar 2011), Nadine Buchs (Sep 2008), Matthias Kellermann (Dec 2007), Corinna Harms (Mar 2007), Florence Schubotz (Sep 2005).
BScLina Madaj (October 2013), Janna Müllenmeister (October 2013), Jakob Meier-Credo (August 2013), Wolf Dumman (July 2012), Tim Stoltmann (June 2012), Henning Meyer (Jun 2005)
Co-teaching lecture "Organic Geochemistry for Geoscientists" (SS2010, SS2011, SS2012, SS2013, SS2014, SS2015).